Wednesday Morning Catechism Program 

As an integral part of the offerings the Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy, following the weekly Wednesday 8:00 a.m. Liturgy at St. Vladimir Church, there will be a Law of God lesson for Pre-K students in person and for K-2 on line. During the in person Pre-K Law of God lesson we will need volunteer help. Ideally volunteers who are not the mothers of those students. Please visit the links below to register locally* (registration for on-line students is handled through the on-line program), learn more, and to volunteer.

Toddler and Pre-K Law of God: Information Sheet

Toddler and Pre-K Law of God: Registration

Toddler and Pre-K Law of God: Volunteer Sign-up

*St. Vladimir Church is located in Dexter, MI, just to the west of Ann Arbor. All are welcome to join in person, and those who cannot are welcome to register for our on-line program.