Orthodox Life 

Orthodox Life

+ To live in a learning and worshipping community completely imbued with the love of God and our fellow man.
+ Participate in weekly services including celebration of Feast Days
+ Provide spiritual growth - love for God and His creation

Orthodox Education

“Of all the Holy Works, the education of children is the most holy…” +St. Theophan the Recluse

Life in Christ

The purpose of Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy is to complement the Church by assisting parents in nurturing the child in his/her life in Christ. We nurture the mind so that the child will know God, and the world created by God. We nurture the soul so that the child will love God, the world and its beauty. We nurture so that the child, in His church, will always hunger for God and strive to attain His Kingdom (theosis). Orthodox schools seek the proper ordering of the human soul:

+ By encouraging an encounter with Christ in all things
+ By cultivating the child’s spiritual, aesthetic, and intellectual faculties by
means of prayer, lives of the Saints, Tradition of the Church, Music, Art,
Culture, Literature, History, Math, Science, and Logic/Critical Thinking
+ That the child might grow in wisdom, understanding and knowledge with God, with men, and with the world.

Orthodox schools operate within what Orthodox Christianity knows and teaches to be Truth and as such provides a coherence with Church and family that is conducive to virtue.


The mission of Ann Arbor Orthodox Classical Academy is to provide a classical education in an Orthodox Christian environment, allowing our students to grow to their full human and spiritual potential, with the ability to engage society as mature followers of Jesus Christ.